Decisions, Decisions

I recently drew this picture:


and as always I was faced with so many decisions about how to finish this artwork. Drawing is just a whole bunch of decisions waiting to be made every second, but for me, the hardest decisions come at the end when I have to finish a piece. What color do I make the background? Do I add more speech bubbles? Different text in the bubbles? How about the caption? Lots of my arts have captions, maybe I should add one? How about just the single kitty without the baby? And on and on, until I am just so between #fef0cb and #faefd1 for the background cause they're so different...


So here are some of the discarded ideas that I almost used!

Just the kitty, no baby
Both of them meowing
One where the mom is asking them what they're up to
Only a caption
That yellowish background! I almost went with this one
So yeah there you go! Those were my favorite options for the Instagram post. Of course, for the sticker it's just the kitty... or maybe it's the kitty and the baby..... Lol more decisions!
Thanks for reading :)

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