Leatherwork Projects

Once upon a time around 2015, I started working with leather, making bags, wallets, and notebook covers. I only sold maybe 2 things, because this was back before I acquired any confidence with pricing my work and I was afraid of charging too little or too much. I worked really hard on these pieces, and I was very proud of them. My husband and I lived at his parents house at the time, and I remember the experience very fondly; learning stitches and water molding using wood blocks and clamps, learning to carve leather and absolutely wrecking my hands (it was worth it) and learning all about dyes, conditioners and stains.

Then as I frequently do, I dropped the hobby entirely, donated all the tools and materials and forgot about it. Hundreds of dollars of stuff was in the hands of some lucky person at the local Goodwill.

And again, as I frequently do, I remembered the existence of leather a few years later and regretted the mass cleaning I did before, and repurchased all the tools and materials. After this I made some smaller projects and now I got smart and put all my unused art supplies in my storage unit for when I am ready again. Next up, my clay hobby that has come and gone many times over the years! 

As always, thanks for reading!



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