Personal Failures

I was going through my files when I came across a few pieces that I didn't like. I made most of these a couple years ago. These are what I consider to be failures, because of how stiff and lacking in "soul" they are.

Whenever I draw, I will occasionally do so in the wrong state of mind; one where I am focused on making the art "perfect" instead of focusing on the image as a whole, and what I'll end up with is a stiff, soul-less mess that doesn't represent my style or what I'm really capable of making. For example, here are two artworks made around the same time in late 2018:

The top image is the one I consider a failure, if you can't tell. I don't like the way I drew the cat, the window and couch are hilariously simple, and in my opinion, it looks like I didn't even try when I drew the whole thing, even though I put a lot of effort into it. I actually spent several hours making it!

In contrast, the bottom image was done relatively quickly, and it ended up very expressive and even went on to get some attention on Reddit haha. I had a confident and loose attitude when making it, and it only took me about an hour or so! I find that when my attitude is right, my art doesn't take that long to make, and when I'm in a funk is when it takes the longest.


Anyway, here's more failures in my opinion. Many people actually liked these and that happens a lot, but I judge them by my own little scale. Enjoy!



The dragon here is terrible, the kittens are not cute-- bleck I'm unsatisfied with it


The kitten on the left is terrifying, the white cat's tail and legs are terrible, the pile of gold is flat, and the treasure chest is not to my liking.


This one's not so bad but I don't like the line thickness, the shape of the cat's face, and the shaky lines I used. This is one that could easily be redrawn to great effect!


This was one of my first designs and suffered from my lack of confidence with Illustrator and designing stuff in general. I intended to make it a pin, but never felt confident about it so I abandoned the idea.


This last one is embarrassingly bad to me. I spent so long on it. I really cared, and I really tried, but once I stepped away from it I realized just how much I didn't like it. I actually unpublished it from my social media accounts because I hated it that much. Sometimes I just fail at art lol


Thanks for reading! :)


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