Silly Arts

Here's some recent, rare, non-MadebySqueak art that I've made. I've been so busy since my nugget child was born I've only made a few arts for myself! It's really not a problem, since what I draw for MadebySqueak is the stuff I wanna draw anyway, but here they are anyway!

This one was the invitation for our baby shower, before our son was born.


I am so proud of this one. It's my husbands birthday card for his 30th birthday. He thought it was hilarious :D


This one was just fun. Hubs has been playing a lot of Noita and I love watching, so I decided to make the character a cat. Clearly, much effort went into the making of this LOL


Thank you for looking at this mess of things I've made in the past few months have a nice day :D

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