Exhibitor Information

Hello there, exhibitor management person! 🐈
My name is Jennifer Fitzpatrick. I sell cat-themed enamel pins, shirts, bags, and stickers designed and drawn by me. I've been doing this since late 2017.
Previous events include Comicpalooza, Fan Expo Dallas, Anime Matsuri, A-kon, Oni-con, Pins and Patches Expo, Mini Mini Con, San Japan, Cat Con, Pop Cats, Okashicon, and Anime Houston
Some photos of my set ups:
6 ft table from Anime Matsuri
8 ft table from Comicpalooza
Here's some examples of my products:
My main seller is enamel pins!
Stickers panel from my table setup
Tote bag in white
Black ita bag for displaying pins behind a window
Thank you so much for your time! If you have any questions, please reach out to madebysqueak@gmail.com.
Jennifer Fitzpatrick